January 2018

Cartoon Saloon Awards Season

January has been an amazing start to the year for our client Cartoon Saloon and their newest feature "The Breadwinner", with a nomination for Best Animated feature in both the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards.

They have also had six nominations for the Canadian Screen Awards for Best Original Score, Best original Song ,Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Sound Editing, and Best Editing.

LA Film Critics have also awarded The Breadwinner Best Animated Feature

The Breadwinner is also nominated for 10 awards at the 45th Annual Annie Awards including Best Animated Independent Feature.

The Broadcast Film Critics Association has also nominated The Breadwinner for Best Animated Feature.

The Breadwinner currently has a 93% Rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

We would like to congratulate Nora Twomey, Angelina Jolie and the rest of Cartoon Saloon and wish them the best of luck in the awards season. 



We were so happy to have a visit from one of our partners Axin (China Nebula) to London. We took her to meet some of our friends and family of Valley Moon.


Merry Christmas to you all and we will you a successful 2018!

Triple Threat Showcase

Was so good to be invited to the Triple Threat Showcase at BAFTA with the three awesome shorts "Dead End" by Bryan Larkin, "Kowloon Killers" by Leif Johnson and "Express Delivery" by Beau Fowler. These three guys are definitely ones to watch! 


5th China britain film festival award ceremony

It's always a pleasure to be at the China Britain Film Festival award ceremonies to celebrate the talent in the Film Industry across both territories. Congratulations to all the winners!



We were so happy to have bumped into our lovely Finnish friends Metsämarja Aittokoski from Pikkuli! Hope you're having a nice time in London!


Puffin Rock in China

As Cartoon Saloon's China consultant, we are proud to say that the Emmy-nominated Puffin Rock has been a huge success on China's Tencent platform with one episode attracting 50 million views! 

Brand Licensing Expo 2017

It was so much fun to be at the Brand Licencing Expo for the third year, and this year was better than ever! 

We spotted some of our favourite friends!

BFI Future Films

We were thrilled to be at the BFI Future Films "SOUND" event. We learnt so much especially from Marc Price's fascinating presentation about Sound Mixing and Design. Was great to meet so many enthusiastic film makers. Can't wait for the next one!


BladeRunner 2049

Congratulations to Territory for their VFX and on-screen graphic work on Bladerunner 2049, which opened to raving five-star reviews, hailing it as the best film of the century. 

The Breadwinner

Congratulations to Nora Twomey and Cartoon Saloon on their Premiere of The Breadwinner. With the world premiere starting in Toronto Film Festival and then onto the BFI London Film Festival for the European Premiere which we were honoured to be invited to.
The theatre was packed as we sat down to watch an emotional, poignant film with great moments of humour. The audience all around us were sniffing and wiping away tears. We were thrilled to see a Special Thanks credit to Jane and Valley Moon! Thank you so much!
There was a short Q&A with Nora and Saara Chaudry, the hugely talented young actress who plays the lead Parvana.

Afterwards, we celebrated with the wonderful team at the afterparty! We can't wait until it hits the cinemas next year!


Fighting Spirit Film Festival 2017

We went to the 2017 Fighting Spirit Film Festival for the European Premiere of Foxy at the Boleyn Theatre London.
It was met with huge enthusiasm, especially from the little ones in the audience

Think Asia: Think Hong Kong


We were honoured to be invited to the Think Asia: Think Hong Kong conference outside the Queen Elizabeth II Tower in Westminster. It was great to learn about doing business with Hong Kong and to meet and listen to such inspiring business men and women. 


Order of Kings

We are pleased to announce that our trip to China with Ben Lloyd Holmes, producer of Order of Kings to meet with China Nebula was a huge success. The contract for Chinese Distribution of the Knights of the Damned trilogy was signed, and we can't wait to watch it at the end of next month! 

Bad Match


We were honoured to announce that we were invited to London Fright Fest's European premier of Bad Match by Boulderlight pictures, whom we are also facilitating the Chinese Distribution for on behalf of Chinese Nebula.



We are sad to say goodbye to our Intern Alkie who has flown back to Hong Kong for the start of her new semester. However, we are thrilled to officially invite Meng Xin onto our team! 



A Warm Welcome to our new member

Valley Moon is becoming bigger and bigger now! Not only Alkie from Hong Kong has joined our family, another intern Meng Xin from Italy, currently studying at SOAS University of London, became a member of family as well! Let's see how she feel about her time in Valley Moon!

"After my short 2-week microplacement here ended, I knew that I had to come back - and here I am! My supervisors and colleagues are amiable and caring, and despite my personal lack of knowledge and experience in the field, I am treated as an equal and assigned tasks that both challenge and develop me as a person. Working at Valley Moon is a constant adventure and learning-process and an excellent opportunity for me and my future career planning. It's great to be back!"


New member of our big family

Valley Moon now has a new member, Alkie, our new intern who is from Hong Kong Baptist University. Our whole team welcomes Alkie to join our big family! Let’s check out how Alkie feel about her internship at Valley Moon.

“It is my pleasure to work in Valley Moon and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to be the intern in this company. My supervisors Jane, Ruby and Linda and other coworkers are very nice to me. Apart from this, I have gained many real working experiences here and I got a lot of chances to engage in various events or projects. I believe that the skills and knowledge that I have learnt will be beneficial to me forever! Also, I really appreciate their help and support to me in these two weeks. I hope that I can contribute more to Valley Moon during the rest of my internship.”


Shanghai Film Festival Winners

Click the link above to see a list of the winners for the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival


Cartoon Saloon China Contract

We are excited to announce that we have helped Cartoon Saloon's "Puffin Rock" and "The Breadwinner" sign a contract with China.

This month we have been hosting two lovely marketing interns Meng Xin and Alkie who have been bringing some fresh eyes to the Valley Moon family. 

MAY 26, 2017

It was a privilege to be invited to the 70th Festival de Cannes.
Valley Moon were busy attending conferences in the Chinese Pavillion, meetings with Production houses in the Marche du Film, industry events and parties.
It's always great to meet talented professionals from all around the world and we look forward to working with them.

APRIL 5, 2017

The highlight of March was being invited to attend the celebration of the 45th anniversary of UK China relations at Lancaster House.
A toast to the next 450 years!