Valley Moon Consultant Ltd is a London based consultancy aiming to link Chinese and European Film and Animation companies together through partnerships, collaboration and co-production.

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Jane set up Valley Moon through her passion for animation. Being Chinese and having been in the UK for nearly a decade, she has built an extensive network and experiences in the industry. With the help of the educational background of economics and business, she aims to help companies in both Europe and China grow and collaborate.

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business operation manager

Linda has a strong passion in the world of Film and Entertainment from all aspects. She has vast experience in front of the lens, having been in the cast of Marvel's “Doctor Strange” shooting in the UK and LA, and working closely with stunt coordinator Jimmy O’Dee on the stunt team for Fox’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Her direct contact with world-class Producers, Writers, Directors and Industry professionals makes her a valuable asset to the Global Film and Entertainment market. Being British-born Chinese, she has a thorough insight into the cultures of both the East and the West.


executive consultant

Giulia has lived and studied in Italy and the UK and is fluent in Italian, English, Mandarin, French and Japanese. She has a deep understanding of Asian Media and Television and a keen passion in Animation and Business.


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